Hey there!  Real estate life can be awesome. It can also REALLY suck. I’m here to help.

I’m not one of those “objection handler” pushers. I’m a real life real estate agent selling in FLOW and with HEART.

I grew my business from nothing to 100 transactions without a buyer’s agent or one client doing more than two transactions. The other agents who were putting up numbers like me had teams or had been in the business for decades. The best part? While I HUSTLE like nobody’s business, I also have a life. A husband, a kid, 4 horses, 2 dogs, vacations, horse shows… nothing nuts but everything I dreamed of since I was a kid. Sound cool?

I’m bringing everything I learned to you. Facebook marketing, masterminding with top agents from around the world, overcoming all sorts of life and real estate challenges… Helping agents find their awesome is my jam so I’m glad you’re here.

Most people want a coach to help in one of three areas:

  1. Personal – some crazy sh*t is going down. Life change, partner change, brokerage change… you’re unhappy, unsatisfied, burned out, or all around feeling blah about your career.
  2. Productivity – you’re working your behind off and seeing some results, but you’re seriously over being at the office 50 hours a week, your best friend is your steering wheel, and your clients are awesome but are kind of turning you slowly into a grinch.  You see those annoying people who are absolutely killing it in real estate who also have six-pack abs, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, have 6 vacations a year and you’re like WTH! (I’m literally writing this poolside in Mau LOL, so I’ve got you covered when it comes to this being possible.)
  3. Money – you just need some deals to freaking close. Cash in your bank account would be more welcome than presents to a kid at Christmas. Like PLEASE, MONEY, NOW.

This sounding like one (or all) of the areas that you’d like to flourish in?  Good news.  I’m here. I’ve been EXACTLY where you are. I’ve struggled in literally every area of real estate. And while I have a few things sorted out, there’s SO MUCH I have to share with you.

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