Be Mad. Be Brave. Be Obsessed.

Ever hear that warning, “don’t work too hard!” …

Or that question, “why work so hard?”

Or even better, “it must be nice to set your own hours!”

Or my personal favourite “real estate is easy money!”


It’s hard to understand the real estate hustle.

The best make it look “easy”, we make it simple for our clients, a smooth and flawless experience.

There is little drama, few headaches, and we quietly manoeuvre around everyone in the transaction to make sure that their expectations match the reality of the process.


Anyone in real estate knows… real estate is NOT easy!! There is absolutely nothing easy about having no set hours, no fixed income… pretty much your only guarantee is that there will be bills… LOTS of them.


We’ve driven across town for a showing when we were supposed to be at the playground with our children or out for coffee with our partner….

We’ve missed countless dinners standing in washrooms or doorways negotiating offers…

We’ve all canceled plans with friends last minute because a client NEEDED to see a property….

And we do it with a smile on our faces.


Sometimes these last minute demands work out. Sometimes they don’t.

We put our lives on hold for last minute appointments only to hear “thanks so much I’ll have my agent contact you”… or “thanks for all your time we found something we liked yesterday”… or “thanks for all your advice, we’ve decided to sell to our family member” …

And then you go back to your family, your kids, and your friends and nod your head when they suggest real estate agents make “easy money”.


But here’s the beauty: these experiences make us more resilient. They make us smarter. They make us ask a few more questions, set a few more boundaries, and they sure as heck make us work harder.


We work so hard because we know there are no guarantees.

We work so hard because our LOYAL clients have our hearts.

We work so hard because those moments away from our families mean we can support them.


Real estate gives us a chance to be successful, graceful, determined, smart, compassionate and most of all, have an impact on lives.


So go. Be mad. Be brave. Be obsessed. Use that grit in your gut to stick to it day in and day out.

It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful when it works out.

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