How to Make a Comeback

Some days, when everything is tough and all you need is GRIT… start by making your bed, laugh at a joke, do something that makes you feel awesome.

Here’s my 4 steps to mental resilience when things aren’t going so well!

1) LESSON: think of what lesson you can learn from whatever awful experience you just had

2) ACTION: take immediate action – do something that makes you feel better right away. Mine include hitting the gym, making the bed, cleaning the kitchen, putting away that pile of laundry in the corner, hitting Inbox Zero. (This does NOT mean eating all the cake you can fit in your face LOL.)

3) REALITY: this is where you give yourself the ol’ reality heave-ho. Like seriously are things THAT bad? Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. No bedtime journal required, just make a list in your head. And be nice to yourself. If you have AWESOME hair, are wearing your favourite earrings like a boss… whatever it is, give yourself credit for the awesomeness that you are.

4) GIVE: this is the most secret ninja power that you have available to you. Free up that Universe. Donate to those who need your time, money or stuff. Clearing out your space makes space for new things to show up in your world.

Need some help? I’ve got your back! Message me and we’ll chat about how I can help you make your life more awesome.

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