Will You Regret Your 2017?

Have you done enough?

Did you waste it?

Did “not enough time” turn into “never got done”?

… we are in the home stretch now …


For real estate agents, we realistically have just THREE MONTHS left to get our numbers on the books for 2017. That’s 25% of the year.

Are you 75% of the way to your 2017 goals?

… HOW are you going to do it? …

We can’t just give up.


It’s the 2 minute warning, the extra time, the overtime, the tie break, the run off… you’re still in the game but time is running out.

The best will buckle down and create results and moves you never thought possible.

Those who never believed they deserved it will walk off the field early.

Remember the 2017 Super Bowl? Won in overtime in the biggest comeback in history? That one, where everyone told the team they were unpopular and undeserving and even possibly sketchy. Like them or not, they didn’t give up and they won.


Loss has taught me that life isn’t always fair. It doesn’t just let good things happen to good people.

But life ALWAYS gives us a choice.

A choice to take our own destiny into our hands. To be ACCOUNTABLE for our time. To be GRATEFUL for this beautiful gift we have been given.


So let’s kick it into high gear shall we?

Put out that extra effort.

Tighten down the expectations.

Ramp up our beliefs.

You are entirely your decision.

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