Relax Refresh Recharge

Going to hit the ground sprinting in 2018. Here’s what’s up:

We are upping our marketing game BIG TIME with some new never before seen approaches to selling houses and serving our customers.

I’m masterminding with the top agents and office owners in the United States and Canada to be at the front of our marketing and systems games.

I’m rolling out a new marketing system used by my mentors that is so cutting edge it makes my head spin.

And oh yeah my new coaching program? It’s the testing ground for my clients to adopt the proven strategies that helped me do over 100 transactions in 2017 without a buyers agent or any one client doing more than 2 transactions.

Social media savvy… how about a post that reached 53,964 people, 543 shares and 19,794 organic reach off of a $180 ad spend? It’s nothing close to what my mentor gets but I’d say I’m learning some cool stuff and the process is working.

Interested? We are booking listing dates in now, and I have four coaching spots left for 2018.

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