I’ve Got This!

Today was one of my daughter’s first ski lessons.

When we got there, the guy registering her said very gruffly when he saw how tiny she was, “How old is she?!!”

When I said she was 4, he said, “well, you’d better stay close, she won’t last 20 minutes in level 2”.


She fell down over and over and over again.

The instructor was teaching them how to keep their ski tips together in “pizza shape” 🍕 and how to shift their weight from foot to foot so they could turn.

She kept falling… over and over and over again.

About an hour of the way in, I see her coming down, a couple falls but way better than yesterday’s class.

She gets to the bottom and I’m thinking she *might* say she is tired…

She gives me a fist bump and says, “I’ve got this!!!”, and goes back for another run. ❤️

In fact, when all the older kids gave up on turning, she kept trying to turn right until the two hour mark. And the instructor stayed with her, seeing her determination, helping her try to turn.

So, take it from my 4 year-old.

It isn’t about being the biggest or the fittest or the most talented.

It is the mindset you have. It’s about PERSEVERANCE (one of my daughter’s favourite words). It’s about TRYING.

Most of all, it’s your attitude of “I’ve got this” that keeps you going until you really do.

And yes, those are fries she is eating for lunch… 🍟 … she happens to have great perseverance when it comes to asking for her favourite foods too

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